What does a mobile app company look like in 2020?

Sulabh Sharma
Managing Partner

How to choose the right company for your mobile app project?

2020 saw the role and demand of mobile app companies continue to evolve and transform. While the function and demand of these companies differs depending on the client and context, there are some irrefutable requirements that make mobile vendor partnerships successful for your business.

In this blog, we’ve broken down these successful elements so you know what to look for, and why it matters.

Two magic words: discovery and delivery

Companies of today must be ambidextrously skilled in both discovery and delivery. In an ongoing, collaborative process, companies must put the necessary amount of time and resource behind both streams in order to ship a product that will serve a meaningful customer problem that simultaneously meets business outcomes.

Discovery is essentially the ability to plan well before going into the build. Effective validation means you as the client know your focus, your audience and your approach to implementation are all in-line with your desired outcome. It also means you know that you have gathered adequate evidence for your assumptions and that the product that you are going to develop genuinely solves customer problems. 

Discovery includes scanning the customer needs or problems, hypothesising ideas, evaluating business outcomes, undertaking validation and feeding the validated ideas to the product backlog. Ultimately, the purpose of discovery is to separate the good ideas from the bad quickly and cheaply, and to use very little to no code, and especially no production code. 

Delivery, on the other hand, focuses on how you make your idea a reality. There are many ways to move from discovery to delivery, but a successful mobile app company in 2020 is one that utilises proven methodologies to ensure every step of the way you stay on track to your chosen goal.

At Sush Labs we draw on the structure and principles of agile delivery throughout the delivery process, including applying necessary performance, reliability, fault tolerance, security, and privacy, and making sure that the product complies with the desired user experience at scale. At the end of the day, at Sush Labs we believe the purpose of product delivery is to build production-quality tech products that have proven business value and will meet the requirements of the market or audience.

Crucial components: customer focus, being technology agnostic and having collaborative teams

Three further elements are crucial. These are: having a consistent focus on customer experience, knowing which technology tools are the best, and having a strong team with a depth of experience that understands the role of experimentation.

In today’s world, where competition and customer expectations is at an all time high, understanding the role and process of customer experience (CX) can’t be understated. This should be a key requirement when looking for a mobile app company, regardless of whether your customers are internal or external. Aligning customer experience with your business outcomes is a proven way to increase the likelihood of creating a successful app. 

Customer-centered design is a key way to ensure you are thinking of your user at every step of the way. This begins in the discovery phase, where you will question your assumptions about what the user wants and needs to get a much clearer understanding of where your app fits. It then continues throughout the delivery phase to make sure you are considering specific user experiences, use cases and features, as well as quality of software.

Along with CX, understanding the technology tools and platforms available is very important. Today’s mobile app companies need to be technology agnostic and have affinities first to business outcomes as opposed to a tech stack. For instance, first and foremost you must consider the customer problem that is being solved, and from here the decision can be made whether this needs an app or web app, and if (or why) artificial intelligence or other additional tech is required. On top of this, it’s important for a mobile app company to have a mobile-first approach and multi-experience problem solving, as this will greatly improve the customer experience. At Sush Labs, from the very beginning we never wanted to build an app just for the sake of it - we want apps to be useful, relevant to the business’ broader strategic focus and function seamlessly.

Finally, through all of these different sections it is the team itself that will bring the aim, idea or concept to life. A successful mobile app company in 2020 should have a skilled team with extensive experience across platforms, backend and integrations, industries and methodologies to fulfil the digital development needs - be a beautifully designed mobile or web app, core backend and integrations, smart sensors integrations, machine learning or data science operation. In the discovery phase it is hugely beneficial, if not necessary, for teams to be able to experiment and engage in rapid prototyping. Today, leading digital companies believe in testing the riskiest assumptions to avoid huge losses and wasted time or resources, and understand not only the value of experimentation but how best go about it.

At Sush Labs, we implement each of these principles into our workflow because at the end of the day we want to deliver the best possible outcome for our client - you.

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