Data Visualisation Dashboards

Easily track and centralize all business-related data with real-time visual dashboards

Data Visualisation Dashboards is one the best tools to track, analyse, and display various metrics, KPIs, and business goals. Our experts have extensive hands-on experience designing and building simple dashboard applications with access to real-time data that help our customers to make management decisions with accurate timely data. We know how to create genuinely functional dashboard apps delivering measurable business optimisation results. 

Why should your business adopt Data Visualisation Dashboards?

Organisations are typically using multiple tools and services to track their KPIs and metrics, which takes a lot of time and results in often outdated or inaccurate results. Dashboards allow you to organise all available data in simple and easy to understand charts and tables that are updated with new data in real-time. 

Easy to read

With multiple visualisations and data organisation options, dashboards make it easy to extract insights from large volumes of data. 

Centralised monitoring of multiple KPIs and metrics

With Dashboards, you can monitor various KPIs, metrics and aspects of your business in a single tool.

Accessibility and sharing options

When all the data is stored in the cloud and properly managed, it allows members of your organisation to access dashboards with information anywhere, as well as sharing them with other parties. 

Case Studies


It’s the Kiwibank Mobile Banking app you know and love, only better, rebuilt from the ground up.
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NZ Blood Service

This app features everything you need to book your next blood donation appointment in New Zealand.

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