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Sush Labs develops custom mobile software solutions for enterprise, business and government organisations.

Introduced by Google and promoted by all major platform players including Microsoft and Apple, progressive web apps (PWAs) combine the features offered by modern mobile browsers with the benefits of native mobile apps. This results in an improved user experience and positive ROI for businesses.

PWAs successfully bring an app-like experience to the web, including many improvements for the user such as faster load times and intuitive UI.

PWAs also rank well with mobile indexing, which is preferred by leading search engines, making apps easier for users to discover.

The Sush Labs difference

We don’t promote or use any technology or methodology unless we’ve seen firsthand that it’s worthwhile. We’ve seen how strategic and well-created PWAs can result in a significant increase in revenue and conversion rates, effectively delivering on business goals.

This comes down to the fact they can deliver a streamlined and easy experience, reducing barriers to entry. PWA development can result in faster load times, the ability to open websites without any URL bar, easy navigation, smoother sales experiences and increased ease of use.

At Sush Labs our team has extensive experience in building and launching PWA solutions, from ideation to implementation. For every project we’re also able to leverage our knowledge and skill in delivering mobile and web app experiences for a wide variety of use cases.

We build apps that deliver a completely immersive experience and offer a high quality experience in terms of design and functionality, similar to a native app experience. In fact, users won’t be able to tell the difference.
In doing so, we ensure customers are satisfied and business objectives are met.

Our PWAs come integrated with different features, depending on the requirements of the business case.

Our approach to PWAs

Everything we do starts with strategy and ends with delivery. Utilising lean and agile methodologies means we ensure we’re always focused on business outcomes. This helps us to stay on track and ensures we end up with a service that actually delivers.

We utilise data encryption, powerful architecture and security layers for added protection, and use the latest technologies and tools available to further enhance the final product.

What we offer

We offer customer PWA development, responsive web app design, progressive web design and development, and robust application architecture. We also have an in-depth quality assurance process and make sure we’re securing data migration.

Having each of these elements in place means we are able to provide our customers with a complete, effective and enjoyable web application experience that is fit for purpose, without compromising on security and protection.

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