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Sush Labs develops custom mobile software solutions for enterprise, business and government organisations.

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Building a successful app

Mobile and web apps are a powerful way to create compelling customer experiences and enable employees with tools for productivity.

With more than a decade of experience, we’ve worked with a range of businesses from startups to enterprises, building products that are simple, elegant, easy to use and commercially fit.

For every build we bring our depth of experience and make sure the app is aligned with business outcomes.

A world class team

Bringing these apps to life is our team of skilled UI/UX designers, highly experienced developers and diligent product strategists.
We’re located across Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Sydney and London. We are one of the leading mobile app development companies in New Zealand and Australia.

Coherence across platforms

We know that modern customers expect the same experience no matter what platform they’re using.

Our services cover iOS, Android and web, and we ensure coherence across all platforms. Our development team creates seamless experiences across devices and platforms. This delivers the best possible experience for customers and creates optimum business value.

Cross-Platform Native
Highest levels of performance and features
Optimum balance between customer experience and business value
Maximum reach but limited access to mobile features
We build native apps for iOS using Swift, and Android using Kotlin
We use Google’s Flutter to build cross-platform native apps that work on Apple and Android smartphones
We build PWAs and web apps using React, Flutter or HTML5

At Sush Labs we pride ourselves on being technology agnostic and leading with a business-problem-solution mindset.

For mobile app development, we use Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android, PWA apps and Google Flutter to support ambient computing, depending on the business case and scope of the problems.

The latest tech

We keep track of emerging technologies and bring in specific tools and solutions to deliver successful apps.

This includes everything from blockchain’s immutable ledgers for the highest level of trust and security, to artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms for augmenting your people.

AI and ML for richer experiences

By 2025 almost every interface will use Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies to improve user experience and business productivity.

We leverage AI and ML technologies within existing or new apps, using historical and real-time data to deliver rich, adaptive, intuitive and personalised experiences. Our sister company specialises in bespoke ML and AI. Since 2016, SKAI has delivered successful, large-scale AI projects, and is able to bring this knowledge and expertise to create intelligent mobile and web apps.

Our AI and ML services include hyper-personalisation, recommendation engines, voice and chat based services for enhanced customer experience, and computer vision and sentiment analysis for improved productivity.
Voice and conversational experiences are at the centre of the next wave of innovation. We can help your company create voice product experiences for Amazon Echo/Alexa, Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana, Google Assistant and Samsung Bixby, as well as other voice and chat apps.

The Agile development process

After more than 200 product journeys, we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to development.
Using an Agile process, we run through every phase from app envisioning, to iteration and implementation with a high degree of predictability to ensure results.

Our mobile development team has worked with several enterprise clients, sharing expert mobile development knowledge, accelerating product development and ensuring desired business outcomes are achieved.

Strategy and architecture

In any app journey there are important decisions to be made around strategy and architecture.
This includes how data will be captured, stored and moved; the UX/UI, structure and navigation of the app; the choice of platform and whether the app will be native, web based or cross-platform; the backend technology and integration tech stack; and security mechanisms.

Mobile app architecture patterns and decisions define product development and evolve as product grows.
Our expert product strategists and architects assist with these decisions at every step of the process.

Design, UX and UI

Good design is not just about aesthetics but also functionality and problem solving.
Our designers have a depth of experience and understand how to create an experience that is useful, relevant and intuitive. In other words, they know how to build an app that fits the user’s needs and business objectives.
To learn more about our Mobile App Development and Design Services please click here.

Engineering and delivery

For us, it’s all about delivery.

Our engineering team has come up against a number of challenging builds, and if you ask our customers you will find they say the same thing - We Deliver Business Outcomes.

Our Agile-based iterative development process keeps us continually focused on business outcomes and enables us to deliver results on time and on budget.

At the core of what we do is a strong drive to create products that work, and execute a vision.

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Quality assurance

Quality is an integral component of our app development methodology and allows us to commit to agreed standards throughout the lifecycle of a product.

Our QA team leverages a systematic QA process, including a collaborative approach for various QA touchpoints. This includes QA planning, testing requirements, the testing environment, and collateral preparation to test case execution, testing maintenance and reporting.

Ongoing support and maintenance

Businesses and technologies change over time, and mobile apps are dynamic products that must reflect the customer-business alignment.

Interfaces go through the entire lifecycle of creation, maintenance and extinction, and while in use it’s imperative to keep them updated and optimised with maintenance and continuous improvement. We have SLAs with all our clients to ensure just that.


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