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Organise, Move, Protect and Utilise Your Data at Next-Gen Level of Efficiency

Effective and up-to-date data management is the fundamental, and one of the most difficult to establish, elements of digital transformation. Our expertise lies in developing end-to-end cloud data engineering solutions that serve as a strong foundation, allowing businesses to make sure their data is safe, scalable and ready to support the integration of new technologies such as AI and Big Data analytics. 


Today companies are typically facing a handful of serious challenges when it comes to data management engineering as the core component of implementing innovative digital transformation technologies into their business processes.

Messy and complex data storage environments

As the amounts of data to manage are rapidly increasing and the new technological revolution drives the move of enterprise data to the cloud, companies increasingly face problems when trying to organise and integrate their data in a single environment that is easy to manage and scale. 

Difficult and time-consuming data usage

Without organised and efficient data engineering, enterprises have to spend enormous time and financial resources in order to start utilising their data through integration of Big Data analytics and machine learning (ML) modules. With the results often not meeting expectations.

Poorly scalable legacy data management platforms

Having to rely on outdated and poorly scalable legacy data management platforms is another factor restricting businesses from leveraging the benefits of digital transformation.

Lack of data security and poor backup management

Finally, messy data stack often results in poor data protection and no reliable data backup and recovery capabilities.

How SUSH Labs helps businesses to overcome data engineering challenges?

Today, thoughtful data engineering and up-to-date data management is an absolute must-have for any business willing to be at the cutting edge of technological development. The SUSH Labs team combines strong expertise in the data engineering field with powerful technological solutions and years of hands-on experience implementing for enterprises in various industries. 

Assessment and planning

Our data engineers will help you to conduct the assessment of your current data management infrastructure, build an appropriate cloud data engineering strategy, choose the right technologies and integrate them into your daily operations.

Snowflake consulting and integration

SUSH Labs’ certified and highly experienced Snowflake consultants are helping businesses of all sizes to implement this cloud-based data storage and analytics service and use it to empower your data engineering processes. 
The integration of Snowflake allows enterprises to gather, store, process and analyse large volumes of data with the highest speed, efficiency and security levels. 

Real-time data streaming

By implementing the latest cloud data engineering technologies, we can establish a flow of business data collected from multiple sources and analysed in real-time, allowing businesses to utilise this data for AI models and game-changing solutions.

DevOps engineering support

Our DevOps experts will make sure your data management environment is properly organised, up-to-date and in line with best industry practices.

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