iOS App Development

Sush Labs develops custom mobile software solutions for enterprise, business and government organisations.

Our highly experienced team specialises in custom iOS app development, building for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch devices.
For more than a decade our global team has helped brands build pixel-perfect iOS apps with native programming languages Swift and Objective C, all designed to meet a user’s needs.

The Sush Labs difference

Sush Labs is an iPhone design and development powerhouse that creates custom-built interfaces that deliver business outcomes. With offices in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Sydney and London, we cater to a wide range of businesses and are always on the forefront of mobile technology.

In our opinion, people hire apps to solve problems, and the best apps are those that help users to get jobs done as simply and swiftly as possible.

Our core passion is to create app experiences that are commercially successful, whatever the business case.
We use custom Agile methodologies to minimise risk, promote business transparency and maximise velocity. We work on two weeks sprints, shipping a working increment of the app every sprint that is tested and quality-assured, maintaining the high standards of product development that we expect of ourselves.

Our iOS development service includes:

Strategy and
architecture mapping
UX/UI design
Development across
Apple’s device ecosystem
Mobile testing
App store deployment
Post launch maintenance

Our team has many years’ experience with Apple’s strict guidelines for development and app store acceptance, which helps to speed up the process.

World class iOS developers

Our specialist product team builds apps for the entire Apple ecosystem:

iPhone iOS
iPad iPadOS
Watch watchOS
Apple TV tvOS
Mac macOS

We cover the development lifecycle from idea to concept, development to deployment, and ongoing maintenance and support.

We leverage Agile methodology to stay aligned with business needs and achieve desired outcomes.
For each of our clients we take a customer-centric approach to build stronger relationships with users and customers.
Recognisable brands across New Zealand, Australia and the UK have chosen us as their iOS development partner of choice.

The iOS ecosystem

Apple’s app ecosystem is a gateway to a loyal customer base that appreciates intelligent design and top quality of design and experience.

We’re passionate about solving business problems and creating exceptional user experiences using the latest in iOS.
Keeping on the latest technologies, we take advantage of new features available for iOS. This includes advances in augmented reality (ARKit) to make posture analysis easier, or greater machine learning capabilities (Core ML 3) for real-time intelligence and personalised experiences.

iOS development with a lean mindset

Today users have more choices than ever before, and if an app fails to solve a customer problem it will be deleted. All the effort that goes into designing and creating an app is wasted if it fails to engage the user.

To combat this we apply a lean startup mindset to the app development process, and ensure the user is able to understand the value proposition within 10-20 seconds of downloading the app.

This takes a great deal of testing and experimentation, but it helps to win over early adopters and ensure the app can sustainably grow.


Swift is a powerful language for iOS, iPadOD, tvOS, watchOS and macOS. Our iOS development experts have delivered dozens of successful apps using Swift, for businesses ranging from startups to large enterprises and government organisations.

Our development team is also skilled in Objective C, the predecessor of Swift, which allows us to understand the older versions of apps and update code where necessary to future proof your app.

iOS Apps Case Studies


It’s the Kiwibank Mobile Banking app you know and love, only better, rebuilt from the ground up.
App banner for NZ blood app

NZ Blood Service

This app features everything you need to book your next blood donation appointment in New Zealand.

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