Cloud Application Modernisation

Modernise legacy applications to innovate faster with lower costs.

Using legacy tools and applications quickly becomes counterproductive for many businesses as they restrict opportunities for the implementation of innovative digital transformation technologies, negatively affect productivity and frustrate users. Modernising traditional applications would allow them to run in modern cloud environments and implement powerful Industry 4.0 technologies.

Risks of using legacy apps

Using outdated legacy applications poses multiple risks to organisations:

Restricted innovations
Limited productivity
Unsatisfied customers
Lack of real-time data
High cost supporting legacy tech
Poor scalability and flexibility
Vulnerability to security threats
Inability to keep up with competition
High downtime and often poor support

Business benefits of Cloud App Modernisation

Modernising legacy apps and turning them into cutting edge cloud apps with the help of SUSH Labs can deliver a handful of benefits for a business. 

Optimised performance

Our experts are able to conduct comprehensive reviews of legacy apps identifying problems, errors and outdated or poorly implemented functions. This data is used to improve the app and optimise its productivity.

High reliability

Cloud modernisation also makes legacy apps more reliable as their performance is monitored and analysed in real time. 

Great scalability

Cloud app modernisation makes apps very scalable as they can easily deal with increased demand and new functions support.

Lower costs

Modernising apps typically helps organisations to significantly reduce maintenance and support costs associated with them.

Enhanced flexibility

Using up-to-date cloud applications allows businesses to be a lot more flexible and open to integrating innovative technologies or problem-solving methods, ultimately making them more competitive and better suited for digital transformation demands.

Case Studies


It’s the Kiwibank Mobile Banking app you know and love, only better, rebuilt from the ground up.
App banner for NZ blood app

NZ Blood Service

This app features everything you need to book your next blood donation appointment in New Zealand.

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