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Sush Labs develops custom mobile software solutions for enterprise, business and government organisations.

Sometimes, your app just needs a helping hand. That’s where we come in.

Not only do we build mobile and web apps from scratch but we can also join your app development journey at any point to resolve issues and get your project back on track.

The Sush Labs difference

After a decade of work in app development, at Sush Labs we’ve come to know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to creating an effective user experience.

Through regular builds and app rescue projects, we’ve become familiar with common pain points and how to resolve them.

Not only does our development team bring great technical ability, but they’re also creative problem solvers who know how to come up with clear and effective solutions to issues around backend, UI or UX design, platform functionality and more.
We also make sure we’re not just building a great app - it also has to be fit for market. As a result, we take a broader strategic standpoint, looking closely at why the app might not be well received by users and how we can change this.

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Our process

We won’t sugar coat it, there’s no easy fix for a software project that needs help. However, working with a number of different businesses at different stages of development we’ve been faced with a wide variety of issues and challenges, and come out on top.

As part of our process we’ll run a review of your code to check for consistency and bugs, calculate your assumptions and risks for a clearer view of your market and business goals, and run relevant workshops and sprints to ensure we’re working towards a shared goal.

Our development process is based on lean and agile methodologies, which means every feature and function of the app serves the end goal and business outcome.

At the heart of everything we do is good communication. It’s important to us to work closely with you to reach your users in a relevant, effective and impressive way.

What we offer

We can enter an app development project at any point to help you reach your desired app and business outcomes.

We can help you update an outdated or non-working app, and ensure it is fit for purpose and fulfils its requirements.

We can add further customisation to an existing app to enhance and improve the user experience.

We can work on developing and strengthening your strategic approach. For instance, if your app is well built and functioning but has low user reviews and retention, we can help you understand why this is the case and reorient the app, making sure you get the highest ROI.

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