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Sush Labs develops custom mobile software solutions for enterprise, business and government organisations.

Our specialised team of Android developers are well-versed in custom Android mobile app development using Java and Kotlin.
At Sush Labs we use quality engineering to deliver intuitive, functional interfaces that help businesses create stronger relationships with their customers, employees and partners.

The Sush Labs difference

Sush Labs is an expert Android development agency that produces custom-built interfaces for clients.
Our global team is spreaded across Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Sydney and London. No matter where we are, our passion is to build great products that achieve commercial success. Our Android development service includes:

Strategy and
architecture mapping
UX/UI design
Development across
Apple’s device ecosystem
Mobile testing
Play store deployment
Post launch maintenance

We work across Android smartphones, Android tablets and Android wearables.

Android offers an open platform for creating innovative apps. We capitalise on the platform’s flexibility by building apps that can communicate with in-phone features such as sensor functionality.

In addition, the Google Cloud platform provides capability to develop artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) models to bring intelligence to apps. This includes Computer Vision, voice or chat-based conversational capability, and real-time predictive analytics.

Throughout the development process, we use custom Agile methodologies to minimise risk, promote business transparency and maximise velocity.

Users hire an app to solve their problems, and an app that does its job wins the user. This understanding helps us to stay focused throughout the design, development and implementation process so we can continually create apps that serve the needs of the business and user.

Man sitting on a chair facing a computer

World class Android developers

Android is the most widely used mobile operating system in the world. It’s also a top platform of choice for enterprises looking to design an app for field workforces or internal teams, thanks to the wide variety of Android compatible devices.

Our certified Android App developers have been creating world class Android interfaces for more than a decade, helping clients achieve commercial success with purpose-built apps.

Our award-winning Android projects have made us a trusted brand known for delivering beautiful interfaces that enrich customer experiences, and business tools that improve efficiency and productivity.

Android development with a lean mindset

Our custom Agile process enables us to continually assess the development priorities against business outcomes, and prioritise features that are most relevant.

We run two weeks sprints, with each sprint designed to produce a working increment of the product. We simultaneously work on design, development and quality assurance to ensure the highest standard of delivery.

Our product strategists work with businesses to validate riskiest assumptions early. We then apply a lean mindset to the app features, developing only what’s necessary to test assumptions. Our lean mindset helps us to build Android products for internal operations or the Google Play Store that genuinely solve a problem and actually get used.
Our mindset of continuous improvement has won us the highest standard of customer satisfaction.

Kotlin, Java and Firebase

Our team is proficient in developing Android apps using Java and Kotlin.

Kotlin is the new open source programming language for Android apps that replaces Java. Our team of developers have now produced dozens of apps using Kotlin.

After developing Android apps for many years with Java we also understand this language extremely well, and are able to improve existing apps and upgrade them to new architecture.

Our Android development is highly supplemented by Firebase, a robust Backend-as-a-service that provides efficiency and flexibility for managing crucial APIs and servers.

Firebase helps to speed up development and enables us to focus on creating pixel-perfect, meaningful experiences for clients that give a great return on investment

Android Apps Case Studies

Aerial view of buildings with marked locations showing with green dots


Asplundh maintains residential and commercial outdoor spaces. Sush developed and Android app for Asplundh that enables their remote workforce to be twice as productive and access information about field jobs, significantly reducing unnecessary travel and admin work.
ParknSave Glenfield accounting system


An Android tablet app made specifically for BAT’s Trade Marketing Representatives to use out on site during appointments with retailers and customers. The interface offers complex sales data in easy to understand byte-sized insights, saving Reps time and helping them to tell an engaging story.

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