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Sush Labs develops custom mobile software solutions for enterprise, business and government organisations.

Flutter is Google’s cross-platform mobile app software development kit (SDK) that makes it possible to create apps for iOS and Android from one codebase.

As a specialist Flutter application development company, at Sush Labs we’ve developed and deployed many pixel-perfect apps for both iOS and Android using Flutter.

Native user experience

Flutter is an open-source SDK that uses a C++ rendering engine and is based on the programming language Dart.

Flutter’s architecture is based on reactive programming, which enables it to behave synchronously with data streams and propagation of change. This makes the user interface responsive and delivers native-level usability.

Unlike React (another popular cross-platform framework), Flutter does not bridge to native UI libraries via JavaScript and instead leverages an independent graphics library called Skia to draw UI.

The Flutter difference

Many well known cross-platform development frameworks use a JavaScript based bridge, which has been the cause of sluggish interfaces and substandard customer experiences. Flutter is different.

Flutter uses the programming language Dart, which compiles into binary code and as such achieves performance levels comparable to Objective-C and Swift in iOS, and Java and Kotlin in Android. It is also well supported by Google and has clear and well-written documentation.

From the very early days of app development, at Sush Labs we’ve valued the idea of having a one source codebase that can work across platforms. Why? Because it means we can optimise our client’s investments for creating and maintaining apps.

Before Flutter, we built apps using Sencha, Phonegap, Xamarin and Appcelerator, and more recently Ionic and React. However, these platforms have caused issues with the development and compatibility across operating systems, allowing only very basic functionality to be truly cross-platform.

Once we tried Flutter development, we realised the power and potential it offers. While there are certain applications we wouldn’t recommend our customers to develop in Flutter, the possibilities of what can be achieved with this SDK are significant.

App development twice as fast

Flutter offers a comprehensive environment for efficient mobile app development.

With a comprehensive framework, in-built widgets and tools, it enables our mobile development team to produce and launch apps faster for both iOS and Android.

Flutter development for a lean mindset

At Sush Labs, in order to get the best for our clients we bring lean startup principles into our app development process.

One of the suggested methods is to create a minimum viable product, or MVP. Driven with an experimentation mindset, to create a MVP a business builds only what’s absolutely necessary and is then able to test riskiest assumptions.

Flutter development allows us to build a version of your idea that is as simple as possible so we can validate assumptions about early adopters and market size. This helps us to better meet business aims and create an app that achieves its purpose.

Showcase Apps

hand holding a phone showing amounts of money

FinTech Product

Case study coming soon...
horizon network app on mobile screen

Horizon Networks

An app for residents of the Whakatane area to be notified and monitor power outages in the region or their interested areas.

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