Web App Development

Sush Labs develops custom mobile software solutions for enterprise, business and government organisations.

For more than a decade the Sush Labs team of product strategists, designers and developers have worked with brands around the world to create value-driven customer, employee and partner web portals.  

We specialise in developing bespoke, web-based solutions that solve real business problems, whether that’s managing customer relationships, supercharging customer data platforms, or resourcing and planning for business outcomes.

Our web app development team build responsive web applications that seamlessly work across mobile, desktop and tablets. With the majority of web traffic on mobile today, we ensure interfaces are responsive to mobile and tablet devices.

For top quality responsiveness and security, all of our web-based interfaces leverage the same robust backend and APIs as we build for our mobile apps.

Internal workflow apps

User experience is absolutely crucial for internal workflow apps. We understand the importance of creating intuitive UI for enterprise systems to encourage adoption, reduce support requests, ensure stable operations and accelerate training.

Internal apps, such as order and asset management systems, are custom built to fit the business process and improve transparency.

UX and UI is created with a design-first mindset to give additional comfort to staff as they complete daily tasks and activities, therefore becoming an integral part of a team’s workflow.

Web portals

In addition to internal apps, our web app development team creates portals to extend and support your relationship with customers and key stakeholders. This includes apps for partner and vendor relationships management, employee and customer experience enhancement, and learning and development.

Our lean development approach to software allows us to simplify web portals and only include features that are useful and needed.

Our development process ensures we finish with a robust architecture that leverages existing investments and integrates with core business systems as much as possible, without duplicating any key functionality or data.

Bringing it all together

Our approach to web app development


Mobile-first, adaptive design with a coherent experience across all screens and form-factors.

Empathy and research to understand the user problem and create engaging business solutions.

Content personalisation and embedded security based on user’s roles and usage history.

Embedded help and multimedia to guide users through the journey for a seamless experience.

Clear app structures and navigation to reflect a user’s thought process.

Machine learning based search functionality for added usability.

APIs for integration with other core systems to avoid data duplication and maintain sources of truth.


Cloud native web app development for exponential upward scalability and flexibility to scale down.

Clean and reliable code base to ensure high performance for better user experiences.

Highest standards of information security and cryptography to defend data and users from unauthorised access, fraud and other security threats.

Mature deployment that leverages DevOps for a fine-tuned build-scale pipeline.


Strategic integration with other business systems such as ERP, CRM, HRM, POS, eCommerce and more.

Backend and API development to support integration.


Utilising relevant tools and technologies to fulfil business needs with high standards of usability

Frontend technology tools: React, Flutter, Angular JS

ackend technology tools: Python, Django or Node.JS

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