Cloud API Management

Have full control and visibility into APIs connecting your apps and data

Cloud API management by SUSH Labs allows organisations to guarantee full control and safety of all APIs connecting applications and data across multiple cloud platforms. Our expertise in cloud API management helps our clients to make the most out of their API programs, designing, analysing, securing, and scaling APIs anywhere with visibility and seamless integration. 

Business Benefits of Cloud API Management

Reliable monitoring

Ensure your APIs are always available and performing as expected.

Flexible deployment

Choose where you want to host your APIs, creating a flexible and dynamic ecosystem.


Modern-day cloud-based platforms have rich API management automation capabilities, allowing you to predict API traffic patterns, detect anomalies and protect your APIs against cyberattacks in real-time. 

Data-driven analytics

Collect and analyse API usage data in order to identify and eliminate bottlenecks.

Seamless user experience

Make your apps and services easily accessible across various platforms at any time.

Case Studies


It’s the Kiwibank Mobile Banking app you know and love, only better, rebuilt from the ground up.
App banner for NZ blood app

NZ Blood Service

This app features everything you need to book your next blood donation appointment in New Zealand.

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