That’s a Wrap for Appmosphere Season 1 at Sush Mobile!

Lauren Wong
UX/UI Designer

Taking a look at Season 1 of Appmosphere at Sush Labs

We have just completed season one of ‘Appmosphere’, and it has been a blast!

One every few weeks, two members of our team are randomly nominated to delve deep into a digital topic of interest and present their findings. Appmosphere was an exciting activity where the team could their interests, and talk about how they’d like to offer these topics as potential solutions for our clients either now, or at some stage in the future.

we learnt about:

We kicked off the season with a series of five topics

: Using the idea of games (and game
psychology) to breathe new life into user actions.

Focusing on ‘first time users’
and making sure they have a great initial experience with an app.

Planning and creating tests prior to developing features, and automating the
testing process so that it is efficient and easy to repeat.

: Ways of interfacing with
applications using your voice instead of your hands.

: The technology, methods, and
applications for presenting images and text on top of reality (basically what
you can see through your eyes or a camera lens)

Top 5 facts I won’t forget:

1. Gamification increases user engagement by creating a fun and interactive eLearning process, allowing users to feel as though they are an integral part of a solution’s overall purpose.

2. User On-Boarding not only gains a successful user’s first impression on your digital solution; but also increases the likelihood of successful adoption and gains positive word of mouth when it is unique or entertaining.

3. Test Automation allows for increased credibility and transparency when it comes to proving quality in solutions.

4. Speech Recognition first came about in the 1950’s, and has now has evolved into software that learns as it works - allowing for greater effiency and an improved user experience.

5. Augmented Reality is becoming increasingly popular for the future of smartphones and tablets, allowing a greater opportunity for businesses to innovate in an array of different markets.

Season 1 of Appmosphere has been a huge success at Sush, with a wide range of topics being covered. There have been many ‘oooh’ and ‘aaah’ moments, as well as a lot of laughs along the way. Now, with Season 2 approaching, we are excited to see what is to come!

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