Drive new business with oneCar by enganging customers from the start.

Preview of the oneCar app


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Vehicle financing organisations can now increase demand generation by engaging customers before they’ve even decided which car to buy.

Qualified Leads at the Start of the Customer Journey

By offering car buyers the opportunity to search and browse through local auto listings from a number of databases, oneCar introduces car buyers to a particular financing partner from the get-go.

oneCar is an integrated mobile solution, individually configured for financiers to guide customers from vehicle selection straight through to financing.

Screenshots of the approval process in the oneCar app
Screenshot of the Loan Manager in the oneCar app

In-App Pre-Approval

Once they’ve found a vehicle that sparks their interest, customers can instantly apply for pre-approval.

Screenshot of the Loan Calculator in the oneCar app

View and submit returns. See past returns filed. Start a new return or continue working on an existing one.

Customers can search, sort, filter and compare to find a car that ticks all the boxes for them.