It’s the Kiwibank Mobile Banking app you know and love. Only better.

Preview of the Kiwibank Mobile Banking app


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Rebuilt from the ground up to offer improved speed, security, and an enhanced user experience. This is the latest in Kiwibank native banking.
Image of the 'Transfer' screen

On your mobile.

Everything you’d expect from a mobile banking app is here, of course. You can check balances, transfer money, and make payments. Easy, fast, intuitive.

Say hello to your online relationship manager

Putting the “Person” back in Personal Banking, mobile users can talk to one of several Kiwibank Online Relationship Managers and receive alerts when they reply.

Image of the 'Goals' screen
Financial goal illustration


Setup and modify savings goals per account with the integrated Goal Tracker. Get a clear picture of how much you’ve saved, how long it’s taken you, and how far you’ve got left to go.

iOS 'Touch ID' dialog box

Passcodes are so passé.

Mobile users with compatible devices can now log in securely using their fingerprint. No need to stress at checkout, your banking is now just a touch away.

Login with Touch ID

Plus more cool things

There are heaps of great features to explore in the Kiwibank mobile banking app, and many more still on the way. Check your balances at a glance from the login screen, search past transactions, credit card payment options, notifications for business payments and much more!

Preview of the menu, balances and transactions screens

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