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Sush Mobile helped us to develop and grow the app, and have given us some great insights and advice from their experience with other customers.

A leader in property information and market valuation services in New Zealand, Quotable Value (QV) is the nation’s key source of data for house hunters and real estate professionals. In partnership with CoreLogic NZ, QV’s tools and databases are designed to deliver outcomes and engagement channels for customers.

Those customers come from a range of sources - individuals and families looking to buy, sell or renovate; local government agencies; corporate entities; farm managers - anyone requiring accurate, up-to-date property information to make a decision. QV is in the business of providing that information, no matter who the recipient may be.
As chief marketing officer for QV, Justin Snarski is in prime position to observe and be involved in all aspects of the business, playing a significant role in developing the company’s digital strategy. “We live in a digital world, so we’re developing a business strategy to live and grow in that world,” he says.

The digital journey for QV started with QV Online - the organisation’s online home - and the development of E-valuer, a web application providing instant insight into property values. After building up services and databases for its customers to access, QV’s next move was to examine how those offerings could be provided more effectively.

“As a business, we want to be innovative and deliver products and services that engage with customers when and how they want it. We saw a mobile app as being a very important aspect of our business strategy,” says Justin. “QV Homeguide is a free app that provides people the opportunity to get information on a property they may be interested in buying - whether it’s their dream home or maybe just something they want a snoop at.”

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"We engaged Sush initially to develop the Android version of the QV Homeguide app, and they soon took over the maintenance of both the Android and iOS versions. We’ve had a great relationship - they’ve helped us to develop and grow the app, and have given us some great insights and advice from their experience with other customers."

Justin Snarski

Chief marketing officer at qv

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