Kiwibank: Banking on success for better app development

Challenging the New Zealand banking industry

Challenging the New Zealand banking industry

Kiwibank has been named best value bank in the New Zealand Banking Awards every year since 2006.

Now in it’s 15th year of operation, Kiwibank remains the only wholly state-owned banking organisation in New Zealand. Being a comparatively young presence in the industry, the bank’s focus has centred on offering a better customer experience through innovation - smart services and technology building a truly “Kiwi” bank for all New Zealanders. The agility afforded by being a startup has allowed Kiwibank to show strong results in a remarkably short time.

Producing its first profit just three years after opening its doors, it has been named best value bank in the New Zealand Banking Awards every year since 2006. More than 800,000 people now use Kiwibank’s services, thanks to a robust suite of services and products. Few people within the organisation are as well-versed in Kiwibank’s continuing innovation strategy as Fiona Murphy, head of digital and self-service channels, who spoke about the development of the bank’s mobile app strategy.

“About a year ago, we changed our business model to focus on driving out more digital outcomes. We have a large physical branch presence, but we know our customers are more focused on digital,” says Fiona. “Being a bit more agile, we have been able to build things and get them to market quite quickly, but now we’re looking at how to consolidate and bring those customer experiences together.”

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"Traditionally if you’re working with a vendor, you go to them and work out a plan - but Sush came to the party with some solutions and brought in an extra resource for us, who was fantastic. That was a challenge where Sush actually solved the problem for us."

Fiona Murphy

Head of Digital and Self Service Channels  at Kiwibank

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