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Discover new tastes and easy-to-follow recipes.

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My Food Bag

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Enjoy reading through all the recipes whether you are a customer, or just want to be inspired in the kitchen, download the free app and get cooking!
My Food Bag app 'Favourites' and 'Search' screens

Find and save your favourite
recipes for later.

View all My Food Bag recipes and search for inspiration based on keywords, Food Bag type, dietary preferences, number of people you want to feed, or convenience.

Both our recipes and our exclusive spice mixes can be searched.

The best of My Food Bag
now on your mobile

Every week, the My Food Bag team dream up inspiring new dinners so they can deliver all the fresh ingredients and simple recipes to your door.

My Food Bag app 'Recipes' screen
'Explore Recipes' illustration

View all the My Food Bag recipes and search for dinner inspiration

'Step by Step' illustration

Recipes are delivered in an easy-to-follow format across three tabs

'Live Chat' illustration

Get answers to all your recipe questions

'Favourites & Offline Access' illustration

Recipes can be added to your personal Favourites and are accessible at any time!

Examples of recipe tiles

Get a head start on your recipes and plan in advance

As a My Food Bag customer, you can see all of your current and future weeks’ recipes in your personal app account. See the shopping list of staples required for the week and rate the recipes at your convenience.
Your current and future weeks are available offline so that nothing gets in the way of your cooking.

Share your masterpieces
on your favourite social media

In addition to saving and rating your favourite recipes, you can also take a picture and share directly to Facebook or Instagram.

Phone taking a picture of a meal
Detail screen of a recipe in the My Food Bag app
Ingredients screen of a recipe in the My Food Bag app
Steps of a recipe in the My Food Bag app

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