Finzsoft Mobile Banking App

A white label product that serves all your banking needs and more.

Finzsoft Mobile Banking App

Development • Design

In 2013, Finzsoft, tasked Sush Mobile to design and develop their mobile and tablet banking apps. Today, the app is currently in wide use and we continue to strategise about the product’s roadmap.

All the banking app essentials

At a glance balance checking with quick balance, view accounts, transfer funds, make payments, search transactions, share receipts, auto payments and much more.

Customer security

Every customer has an app keepsafe, can choose their own unique pin code and can choose to login to the app using their own thumbprint with the TouchID functionality.

In app secure messaging

Talk to your bank via the secure instant messaging platform. Have a question about loan applications or international transfers?

Drop a text to your online manager and get notified when they reply.

Smart banking for smartphones and tablets

The Finzsoft banking apps have been designed for optimal use on mobile and tablet devices, on both Android and iOS platforms and we are currently working on watch integration for all the wearable lovers out there.

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