RealMe uses biometric technology to verify your identity, digitally.


Development • Design

The RealMe Software has been developed to simplify the process of verifying your personal information when signing up for a new service.

Digital Identification

RealMe is a joint venture between The Department of Internal Affairs and Kiwibank to verify customers bank applications. Backed by the NZ Government, RealMe Now is a secure platform, that in the future, will be expanded to serve other digital identity needs!

Quick and easy verification

The digital application process is a quick and easy way to prove your identity. By simply visiting, taking a selfie, and completing the biometric challenges, you can complete the application for your bank account!

Biometric technology

The biometric technology behind RealMe was originally made for iOS; and now has been embedded into the online application process for web browsers. RealMe verifies your identity against your passport, allowing for secure authentication via this digital platform. 

Saving you time

Getting verified with RealMe only takes a couple of minutes and eliminates the time you need to spend traveling to a physical branch and waiting in line. So, there is no need to visit the PostShop, or even leave your house!

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