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Stream the best of Pacific Island culture anywhere in the world, right on your mobile.

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Niu FM

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Celebrate rich culture and tradition in our modern world with Niu FM. The app presents listeners with family-friendly fun and entertainment through great music.

Interactive and engaging

The app is all about providing a rich, interactive, and engaging experience that brings the audience back for more.

Participating in competitions and polls couldn’t be easier. Users can register with their Facebook or Google account.

Screenshots of the Niu FM app

Listen to Niu FM hosts day or night live for the best Pacific Island humour, a bit of gossip, and fresh beats.

Win awesome prizes! Enter competitions as they’re announced for a chance at winning big.

Details of the live stream radio and competitions in the Niu FM app

Have your say! Niu FM wants to hear from you. You might just win something for contributing.

Quick links let you dive straight to the Niu FM Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages.

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Engage live and contribute to the online social community

Quick links to Niu FM's social media channels encourage listeners to engage live and contribute to the station's online social community.

The current show, artist and song are shown live within the app, so you can always name that tune unless it's hidden for a competition of course.

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