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myIR is a revolution in procurement strategy. Developed with small businesses in mind.

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myIR Mobile

Development • Design

Inland Revenue engaged in a crowdsourcing competition in order to gauge public demand for an app. The resulting idea was myIR Mobile.
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Streamline how businesses file tax returns

Sush Mobile worked closely with Inland Revenue to flesh out the concept and roadmap for the solution. Mobile devices have become so capable, that it can often be frustrating when a service isn’t optimised for mobile, requiring the user to switch over to a desktop computer, instead of the one in their pocket.

Many small businesses are operated almost entirely from the owner’s mobile phone.

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View and submit returns. See past returns filed. Start a new return or continue working on an existing one.

'Payment' illustration

Putting the “Person” back in Personal Banking, mobile users can talk to one of several Kiwibank Online Relationship Managers and receive alerts when they reply.

'Obligations' illustration

Business owners can easily identify what is required of them.

'Profiles' illustration

Create multiple profiles for different businesses or people with pin-code login.

Clarity and ease-of-use with tax matters in a mobile-optimised solution

Common activities are organised into logical groups. Even the forms have been optimised for mobile devices. Users can file their GST return or file a ‘nil’ return right from the app and pay either via bank transfer or credit or debit card.

Additionally, users can update personal details and receive notifications ahead of due dates. myIR Mobile is currently available exclusively to small business owners who are registered for GST and myIR.

Screenshots of 'Profile' and 'Make a payment' in the myIR app

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