Lone Worker

Track your team. Ensuring staff safety while working remotely

Lone Worker

Risk management tool to keep your employees connected when out on the field, ensuring they remain in contact and can seek assistance immediately.

Tracking on, tracking off

Monitor your staff's movements

Your personnel can enable tracking to allow the security team at the office to accurately monitor their movement and pinpoint their location on a map. This ensures the safe of staff working in remote areas should the need for help occurs.

Quick Alerts

Instant access to panic buttons

Staff can use easily accessible panic buttons to send alerts to security if they feel they are in trouble. A detailed activity log for each user informs the security team if remote staff might be in trouble.

Risk Zones

Know about areas of high risk

Areas can be marked as zones by security and assigned risk levels and descriptive notes. Remote staff will get notified when entering or exiting these zones so they can be aware of any precautions while working in these areas.

Appointment Timer

Keep track of how long your meetings are taking

Remote workers can organise their day with a schedule of appointments and be notified when they are coming up. Active appointments can be timed and alert you when they are running longer than expected.

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