Crisis Management

Disaster response at your fingertips.
Crisis Management replaces and innovates on the traditional emergency contact card.

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Crisis Management

Emergency response protocols for any number of critical business scenarios. Help prevent disasters with quick access to accurate contact information of staff members.

Crisis Management in case of an emergency

Safety in the workplace is vitally important, as a crisis situation can quickly develop with little or no warning. With Crisis Management, quick and accurate contact information is accessible via a person’s mobile device which could help prevent disaster.

For staff members who may be temporarily working in another division, their location can be quickly and easily updated and reflected throughout the system.

Screenshot of the emergency contacts in the Connect app
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A simple, CMS-driven backend means updating contacts and documents without the drama.

'Security Clearance' illustration

Staff groups and guest groups can be used to define what contact information users see.

'Offline Access' illustration

Access CRISIS groups, directories, and plans even without an Internet connection.

'Secure Authentication' illustration

Each staff member has a secure login ID to ensure that directory services don’t fall into the wrong hands.

Screenshot of the web panel of the Connect app

Crisis Management replaces and innovates on the traditional emergency contact card.

Crisis Management offers a mobile solution which can be distributed to all staff. Important contact information is pushed directly to user’s devices and updated centrally. In an emergency, employees will know exactly which emergency services and senior staff to contact.

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